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Quin's Got Some Work To Do, Tommy's Getting There

Reality is setting in at Missouri -
there's plenty of work to do.
Though Keyon Dooling is playing well, the rest
of the team is kind of ragged. They're not shooting well, and the defensive
fundamentals are lacking. That takes time and repetitions, but Quin clearly is
impatient to get better fast. After
struggling against UNC-A,
he probably should be a bit impatient -and if that
continues, the fans will be. Duke fans know Quin will get it done, but
Mizzou fans may not be as aware of Quin as we are. The good news is his
players love him and
are buying into his system.

Meanwhile, up Jersey, Shaheen
Holloway is a bit ill
but the Hall still kicked some serious booty the first
time out. It was
, but still, it's an exciting time for the Pirates.