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Out With The Old, In With The New

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Well State has had their debut and from all accounts, it was smashing. 
Even the Georgia players were impressed. Adrian Jones told the N&O "It's a great atmosphere
here. The first time in the building, we knew they'd be enthused. They didn't play
well early and we got off to the great start, but it seemed it woke
'em up.  

"And the crowd. The crowd got into it and that gave them the extra boost they needed. It was just a great crowd and a great arena.

Barnett said that
"The ring of students standing around the perimeter of the court and the pep band and student section in the end zones created a sound so powerful the players had to rely on hand signals to communicate.

Robinson told Lenox Rawlings
that ''It doesn't seem like you're in the ACC or in
Raleigh. It's like leaving an old house you've loved for 50 years and moving into a mansion. Like, where's the bathroom? It'll take a little while, but it's so beautiful. . . . At first it'll be awkward, but there will be an N.C. State presence and, in a few games, we'll feel right at home.'' 

Mary Anne Fox told Rawlings that ''There's not enough presence that says N.C. State other than some banners in here and in the parking
lot."  Oh well, the downside is that State will always be tenants in
this building. They may as well get used to it now.

From Fayettenam, Bret Friedlander likes
it better than Reynolds

We're happy that things have gone so swimmingly. Aside from the political
machinations, which were truly annoying, our biggest concern about the new arena
was that it would end up being like the Dean Dome, and the precious atmosphere
of Reynolds would be lost forever. Part of it is, but from early signs, the
spirit of State basketball is alive and well, and they just shoehorned almost
twice the audience in.  No wine and cheese for Sendek's Rednecks' (a State
term, not ours). Unfortunately, there is no noise meter in the ceiling, but
there is a cheesy electronic one on the scoreboard dedicated to Jimmy V. Maybe
they should put  ATM card readers on the seats and ask everyone to pledge
to the V foundation during the game and then peg the noise meter to the money
raised.  Hmmmmm....

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