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Torbush Under Fire

Poor Carl Torbush. The calls for his scalp are getting louder. The
ideal solution, from UNC's point of view, would be if he resigned, but if he
doesn't, they have to either keep him and kill the football program, or buy him
out. Neither choice is very palatable. Now Art Chansky has a column out
which says Baddour is asking questions about how the Rams Club might
buy Baddour out.
Does anyone else remember seeing a Chansky article
recently which said that UNC didn't do that anymore after the Crum-bling of Dick
Crum's regime? We went looking for it but couldn't find it.

Anyway, so much for the idea that the Ram's Club wouldn't be involved in such
machinations. Torbush, from all accounts, is a good man and a better
coach than he's showing now. But the natives are restless, and they're
ready to throw him to the crocodiles at the earliest possible occasion.