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Good Knight, Steve!

A few years ago, Duke fans were stunned as Bob Knight essentially turned his
back on former protege Mike Krzyzewski after Coach K let it be known that he'd
like be seen as his own man and not just Knight's contribution to the ACC.
It seemed harsh then, and it still does. Now, though, it's Steve Alford's
turn. For
whatever reason, and this article lists a few possibilities,
Knight has
apparently turned his back on Alford. Maybe both K and Alford did
something terrible to Knight; we aren't in position to know and it's not like he
calls us up and talks to us or anything.

We've become aware of a tremendous difference in how people in Indiana and
people outside of Indiana regard Knight. Those of us out here tend to see
the boorish side of Knight and overlook (or not often hear anyway) of the other
sides of the man. Many in Indiana seem willing to overlook the
boorish behavior and see the intelligence of a man who not only knows who
Lincoln is but has probably read extensively about Lincoln before agreeing
to read his speeches in a
performance tomorrow night
, and the kindness of a guy who takes time to
visit sick and dying people.

Which is true? Probably both. But again, it's hard to say from where we sit.