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Not Good Debuts For ACC Teams


Well, State had their official debut in the new arena, and from from what we
could tell from  tv, the volume seemed reasonable and a lot of the spirit
of Reynolds seems to have transferred.  We'll wait to hear from
eyewitnesses, but it seemed pretty passionate from television. On top of that it
was a pretty good game. Let's just say this again: Jim Harrick is underrated.
His teams play smart, sound basketball.

They ran out to a big lead on the Pack, and State had to fight their way back
into it.  But they did, and the christening was successful.

So far the early signs aren't good for the ACC. Duke is 0-2, State struggled,
was down 17 to Tulane but came back
, Tech struggled
against Mercer
- Mercer! and Florida
just beat FSU like a drum.