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ACC Roundup

Jacobs has a review of UNC's freshmen,
but on the way he touches on
the mercenary nature of the firing of Torbush.
out Lenox Rawlings
- "Without so much as a cynical wink, an image-driven university dropped all pretenses and acknowledged its allegiance to winning at considerable costs."
cost may be Brandon Spoon
, who says he might leave. Doug Mead thinks this is
handled poorly.
And Maurice Koury, the biggest wig in the Ram's Club,
who just yesterday said they were "an impatient bunch," today denies
any role at all in the firing. Which leads to the logical question - who
is funding the buyout? UNC operates at a deficit, remember. The money isn't
there. He must think people are really naive.

As if to underscore that, while emphasizing his lack of involvement, Koury
goes on to strongly suggest his buddy Donnan
from Georgia
be considered. Other names are being mentioned of course,
including this week's Bowden, but why no mention of the coach at
Marshall? There's a guy who is ready to step up. Also in Chapel
Hill, here's another link on Ford's conviction. Any alcohol related offenses in
the next five years and he is in the Big House. There are some interesting
revelations here about
how Ford dealt with his Michigan revelation.

Meanwhile, in Raleigh,
State is set to debut (officially) in the new arena.
Can it equal
Reynolds? Only time will tell. We hope so. Best of luck to the Pack in
their new home. A.C. Dillon, as you probably know, started calling games
when Reynolds opens. Tonight
is his last game.
There's almost no one who has ever heard anyone else call
a State game, unless they were going before Reynolds was open, and that's damn
few. Case, Maravich, Sloan, Valvano, Sendek - think about that for a
minute. We hope State fans at least chant his name tonight. 50 years is an
amazing accomplishment.

The N&O also has
a preview up for FSU.