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ACC Roundup

C.A. Dillon, who was the only announcer State had in Reynolds, which is
incredible when you think about it - Case to Sendek - will
call his last game tomorrow
when State opens the new arena with
Georgia.  First Reynolds,now Dillon.  Time moves on, of course, but
sometimes it moves too fast.

In Chapel Hill, UNC is having some serious problems. Kris Lang is
questionable for the season opener (shin
), and Brian Bersticker is still recovering from his foot injury and
has had a setback.  Also in UNC news, despite what  Art Chansky said
recently (that UNC had sworn off buying out coaches), the N&R reports
that the buyout is being negotiated.
Lenox Rawlings points out that UNC Phil Ford and Ed Cota were both reinstated when serious legal charges have yet to be resolved. He
says it's hypocritical
not to give Torbush a second chance, but it looks
more and more like he ain't getting it.  Barry Jacobs took some heat for
saying that UNC had a win at all costs mentality, but firing a coach after two
years would tend to support that assessment.

In College Park, Maryland won
the season debut against San Francisco
. Here's the
Post on the win
, and here's
the Sun's take too.
And a bonus
feature on Steve Blake.

Down in Hotlanta, the pressure is on
Bobby to come through this season.
  If he doesn't, he's probably toast.