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The Texas Disaster - A Stunning Photo Essay

Hard To Imagine This On Duke's Campus Isn't It?

Yet more reader mail: a
Texas reader sent us this photo essay from Austin 360
about the disaster at
the bonfire.  Some people have written and suggested that this might affect
Duke's policy, but it seems unlikely to us once you see the size of what they
put together - and keep in mind that this is first of all an engineered
structure, even if it was engineered poorly, and if it was done on West Campus
it could conceivably fall over on some buildings. It's that big. Plus it wasn't even lit.

This is a pretty amazing essay and well worth flipping through. You may
remember the disastrous auto accident which happened at A&M earlier, where
several students were killed when someone plowed into them.  It's been a
tough year down there.  We imagine most ACC fans have a lot of compassion
for them about now.