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Somebody's Gonna Get Sued

What do you mean when did I "stop beating my

We have had our fun with Bob Gibbons, first with his unique language skills
and then with the "Gibbons Effect."  But he
really seems to have gotten under someone's skin
who said the following:  "Albuquerque and Lobo coach Fran Fraschilla have now had the chance to see how Gibbons works. He has made the reneging of Cliff Hawkins into a national disgrace. The consistent berating, and sarcasm of the Lobo program is just the latest of the cowardly acts of a drunken, wife-beating ass. And that's exactly what Inbred Bob is."

Yow!! On top of that the guy put Duelin' Banjos as the theme song of that
page, which was, let's admit it, a funny touch. Nonetheless, he's probably going
to get sued.  You can't go around calling someone a drunken, wife-beating

Now the picture of Bob and Mrs. Bob as White Trash Nudists can almost
certainly be defended as a parody and obviously not intended to be taken
literally.  But the wife-beating stuff - that's malicious and intended to
defame, and Bob would have a case.  Let's just hope he "doesn't
write the brief himself."

But that's not the end of the rant. He goes on to take on David
"Anal" Eckoff (if we had called Eckoff Anal we would have said Anal
David Eckoff - it's more euphonious, insofar as the anal can be made euphonious)
and Rivalnet in general.  He says that he and some other non-rival net
sites are considering suing Eckoff (who he misidentifies as the CEO of Rivalnet,
incidentally)  Like we said, somebody's getting sued.

And then he turns on Fran Fraschilla, who
he says he can no longer support as UNM coach
(this before he has even
coached a game). Here
is his interview with Fran Fraschilla
. It's bound to be his last.  He
goes on to call Fraschilla a liar for saying he had signed his contract, which,
he says, isn't the truth (we wouldn't know either way), and he's not
particularly thrilled that Fraschilla
gave an interview to the St. John's rivalnet site, either.

We just have one question: where was all this stuff this summer when things
were slow?