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Darius Miles To St. John's; Omar To Follow?

Ok, Quotin' Bob Gibbons tells us that Darius Miles has signed with St. John's
- and Omar Cook is about to follow suit. He says that pushes Amaker's
class back a notch. Maybe. Hard to tell who will do what until they've done it.
But it is easy to tell the Big East has reloaded in a big way.

Ok, on to the
quotes, italics, and heavy bolded font (ever wonder what Bob would do with
lipstick if he were a teenage girl? Just a passing thought)

If It's Lipstick, make It dark!
  • "contrived speculation"
  • Coach Mike Jarvis' ST. JOHN'S RED STORM.
  • "a Red Storm warning for all Big East schools,"
  • Coach Tommy Amaker Seton Hall Pirates
  • "Avis of this year's early recruiting classes."
  • "on paper,"
  • "reasonable doubt"
  • 1-2-3 "recruiting sweep,"
  • "beastly"