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ACC Roundup

Now the Millennium is interesting, and it's provoking all sorts of
interesting lists and stuff. For instance, Ron Morris has declared
UNC the program of the century,
which to us is ludicrous.  Kentucky,
UCLA, and Kansas all could stake better claims to that title.  But
whatever. Speaking of UNC, the
Torbush watch continues
. Not fun for the Torbushes.

In other ACC news, Gary Williams, who is eternally chasing Duke, finsihed
second to Coach K in the race for grandkids and is about
to get his 400th win.
Let's all have a drink for Gary!  His players
said this should mellow him but Gary told the B-Sun that "[t]hey [his players] said that they hope this will mellow
me. You know what? The fact that they said that, I'm going to have to get tougher, to show them that I'm not mellowing at all."
Oh, joy. Here's an article talking about how
critical Terrence Morris is to Gary's hopes.
  They'll find out,
starting tonight,
just how key he is.
  The Sun also has a Metro
area season preview.

Ned Barnett has his predictions
for the ACC
and our guess is he's heading back to features pretty soon,
because this is a bizarre list. State first? Tech second?