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ACC Roundup

No one is expecting Clemson to do much this year, but the Tigers have other
plans, and so
far they seem to be doing ok
in exhibition season. Actually, they're doing
better than ok so far.

There's speculation anew that Michael Jordan is considering a comeback. Would
he do it? Seems
unlikely but you never know.
In other things UNC, the Daily Tar
Heel had an interview with the UNC coaching staff
and managed to ask almost no questions.

Up in College Park, Juan
Dixon is talking about taking responsibility and stepping up.
This is
not a new concept for Dixon, who is one of the ACC players we respect the most.
Having lost both parents to drugs and AIDS, Dixon has really taken control of
his life and we're really pulling for him. That's a lot for a kid to go
through and to keep his focus and still get to college on a full ride says
volumes about Juan.