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Neil Fingleton Update

Over at, Ben has a feature up about Neil Fingleton, and
since there's a 66.6% chance that the young British giant will end up in the
ACC, you might want to familiarize yourself. There are a couple of
pictures to give
you an idea of just how big he is.
Quotin' Bob was calling him "The
Tower Of London," ignoring the fact that he's from Durham. The
nickname we'd use? Well, simple though it is, how about Big Ben? He's apparently
going to decide by Wednesday. Taking no chances, the
Wake crowd went to some lengths to impress him.
One guy had a bunch of mini
Union Jacks Fedexed in and passed them out, and another guy dug up the words to
"God Save The Queen" and they serenaded him with that. One
hopes they didn't get the Sex Pistols version.