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Quin Splits Opening Two Games

got his first loss as a head coach yesterday,
to the Badgers
of Wisconsin
(think Tery Holland's UVa crossed with a Bob Donewald team and
you kind of get the idea how much fun it is to play Wisconsin), and
his first win Saturday
against the always frightening Tigers of Princeton.
Keyon Dooling had
a tough time the first game.
Quin Snyder is now the
first Mizzou coach to ever lose his first game
, but if Mizzou is like most
schools they haven't sought out tough early competition (sure enough - some of
the wins came against Central Methodist (1906), the Joplin YMCA (1907), Washburn (1911), Tarkio (1914), Drake (1946) and St. Louis’ Washington University
(1962) according to the Columbia Tribune Online) . His players are getting
the message though and said
really nice things about "Coach Q."
In other news
which may perhaps soften the blow, Quin landed
Cali point guard Wesley Stokes,
currently the player most likely to
repopularize the Afro.