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Wilcox To Be A Terp?

All Hail Bob!

Quotin' Bob Gibbons is saying that Chris
Wilcox is head for Terpdom.
In other news, A.J. Moye has apparently
become a Hoosier. Today's "emphasis phrases" feature a heavy dose of
underlines with a dash of italicizing, and just a smidgen of bolding, all for
your reading pleasure!

  • Coach Gary Williams' MARYLAND TERRAPINS.
  • Gary Williams will get his "top priority recruiting target."
  • were scheduled to visit together.
  • wing forward,
  • "iffy"
  • "an immedate impact"
  • the plan is for Wilcox to step right into his vacated position.
  • "worst case scenario"
  • the top talents in this class,
  • "Lamar Odom-type"
  • Most Valuable Player
  • AP First Team All-State Player.