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ACC Roundup

Chapel Hill police have
made one more arrest in the Cota case.
To us the most interesting part of
the case is the revelation of what Y.G. stands for (the guy who apparently
started the thing, at least according to one of the witnesses) Young God
Allah.  Allah wasn't accounted for in the initials, but that's what the
Herald-Sun reported.  Meanwhile, up at Hargrove, Jason
Parker is getting used to bugle music.
Another UNC shocker - not
many people want to go to Charlotte to see a 1-8 team,
so the whole reason
for having the game there - a fat payoff - is kaput. 

Up in College Park, Maryland
got pushed by the California All-Stars
, which sounds funny, until you
realize that these guys have a few decent players and at least a couple of
recent Princeton alums.  They're not as bad as some
touring teams are.  Brett Friedlander has a column about the
ACC's NCAA prospects this season.

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