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O' Neill Chat, Gibbons On Jeffries

Kurt O' Neill is going
to have a chat session tonight
to discuss the recruiting front.
By now you've surely heard that Jared Jeffries is staying home to be a Hoosier.
Citing a desire to be close to his family, including his grandmother and little
brother, Jared could commute to school if he chose.

Bob Gibbons has an update as well
, rife with the sort of quotes we've come
to know and...well, be puzzled by. Yesterday we were impressed with the
Halloween theme, which made sense for Halloween; today we detect a Martial
theme, apropros for Bob Knight

It is over! Unbelievable support! Local Hero! The message is more important
than the manner in which it is delivered! The unfortunate hunting accident!
Survived! Stronger than ever! The General! Tradition rich!

Here's a full list of today's good work.

  • It is over.
  • "back-and-forth speculation,"
  • Coach Bob Knight's INDIANA HOOSIERS.
  • "strong family ties,"
  • "great support system in Bloomington."
  • into 'unbelievable support' now that Jared has committed to IU.
    He will become a local hero."
  • the message is more important than the manner in which it is
  • One exceptionally gifted new player came to Indiana University today.
  • will sign next week with The Hoosiers.
  • "the unfortunate hunting accident"
  • "survived"
  • stronger than ever.
  • "The General"
  • the "tradition-rich"
  • Hoosiers baskeball program
  • the Millennium.
  • And, he just may coach another NCAA Championship Team After All