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Checkin' In With The Jayhawks!

We should check in on the Kansas sites more often.  Since our last visit
to nothing but net, there's a condemnation
of Quin Snyder and Miissouri
for the transportation question.  But
realistically, if UVa gets a scholarship revoked and visits reduced for 14,000
dollars in benefits, including lodging, transportation, and legal fees, all for
Melvin Whitaker, then by scale, Missouri's issues are very minor and
reimbursment is probably about right.  And since Lester Earl had no
particular penalties for his problems, maybe the writer should look closer to
home. His problems started at LSU, not KU, but he still got off scot-free, and Kansas certainly benefited.

Then there's the unfortunate
matter of T.J. Pugh's DWI.
We've had enough of that around here, probably,
but it can't be ignored.  Here's hoping he was just gassed and stupid, not
suffering from a more serious problem.

We're also happy to know Roy's
vacation home survived
the hurricane unscathed (in Charleston).

And here's a general
update on things Kansan,
including some recruiting/internet notes and a an
update on the recuperating Raef LaFrenz.