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Cook Tells Ben He & Miles Are In On The 29th

Over at, Ben
has a pretty cool interview with Omar Cook.
He says, pretty definitely, that
Darius Miles is going with him: "he's going where I go." Among other
places he's going is UNC for a visit with Omar (quick, someone hide those new unis).

He also talks about resembling old-time point guards and mentions Oscar
"Big O" Robinson and Phil Ford, which, as Ben said, begs the question
of how the Ford situation will affect him. Omar says this:

"It doesn't really affect me. He called me the day before [news of his arrest] came out to the media. I really like him a lot and I think we've made a great connection, and could form a real bond. I don't know what's going to happen to him with the team. I need to get in touch with him again about that."

Nice work on Ben's part - one hard working college kid has totally outhustled well financed sites.  Pretty clearly he has become the place to go
now to get the skinny on UNC recruiting..  He understands the hip kids of
today much better than the other UNC sites, and he's getting the news and scoops
faster than his, well,  rivals, for a perfect, if inelegant (or possibly
copyrighted!), word choice.

Omar has also been posting
on boards again to defend his reputation
.  Pretty clearly he's not
thrilled with some of the comments he's been reading.  It gets old, it's a
broken record, but again, the internet gives you the capacity to completely
derail your own self-interests. Be smart.

Ok, here's one more
Omar link
, which was actually ripped
off from here.  

And speaking of UNC recruiting,
here's an article by Thad "The Mummy" Mumau about Brian Morrison.

He also touches on Tony Stockman, Terry Sanders, Neil Fingleton, and a big guy
FSU is after.

Now get back to work! We're starting to feel guilty about our
impact on America's productivity.