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More Ford Fallout

As we reported earlier, The Daily Tar Heel is now advocating that
Ford be fired
. In addition to that, e-mail to, in response
to a Chansky
which we said was surprisingly candid,
suggests a significant split amongst the faithful
. There are the
loyalists who support Ford without hesitation, and a Minister who writes,
movingly, of "the people who will help [Ford] and not push him aside as a useless person."
Words to ponder indeed. Another readers says "I am so, so sorry that the recent series of events have transpired. As one who has been there, I wish I could tell Phil to keep the faith, that bad things sometimes happen to good people. He has my total support and best wishes. I know he will come through as the true champion I know him to be."

For the first time, the word coverup has been mentioned, and Dean has been
explicitly taken to task: "I love The Dean but if he covered this, then he is as responsible as anyone."
Another reader says "The UNC athletics department enabled Mr. Ford's substance abuse when he was a student, a graduate and an employee by covering up his indiscretions. Two DWI's in two years, three times the legal limit for blood alcohol.

Speaking of Chansky, he goes further and further off the reservation, but
this time he probably has no choice:
his latest column rips the ugly new unis
UNC has apparently adopted.