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The FITSter Stops By

Your far reaching FITS was taking a cyber stroll in what was supposed to be Upside The Head Carolina when he wandered upon the imposing Duke of Dichotomy!

Two competing columnists for said august journal of fair weather fandom (Bring back Mack!) took a great deal of time analyzing ("UTHC: we put the anal in analysis") the Heels narcoleptic loss to the Clemson Tigers.

Happy columnist number one referred to Curry as clearly the bright spot among all tacky blue performers, while grumpy columnist number two summarized Curry's level of play more succinctly: "he stinks."

Vive la difference!

While some petty observers are finding fault with the Tar Heels' new
uniforms, FITS wishes to commend the Chapel Hillians for doing their
shopping at Goodwill Industries.

Which hole do I put my head through, Coach?