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The FITSter On UNC's Collapse

No, the rapidly moving pale blue streak which the FITS Family watched
achieve low earth orbit yesterday wasn't a missile, it was Tarheel coach
Carl Torbush being catapulted out of Chappaheeya by the Bad and Dour
athletic director. With the multi-million dollar Marshall Plan failing
to achieve first downs (much less victories), the vacillating viscount
of Parakeet Blue has all but ordered a public decapitation.

Meanwhile, hoop recruiting over in Deanville has taken a few wrong
turns, despite rationalizations to the contrary. With prime targets
Eddie Griffin and Omar Cook destined elsewhere, FITS hears that some of
the major sheep donors are looking to replace two head coaches at once.

And the man presiding over what one prestigious hometown publication
calls "the disintegration" of the UNC athletic department, the
aforementioned Bad and Dour one, was hand selected by His Eminence
himself! FITS wonders how bad things would be if someone else had
gotten the job.

Losing to Superman wouldn't be all that bad; same for Bat Man.
But routed by Fur Man?