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Quotin' Bob - Is He Pushing For O.T.?

Bob Gibbons is on with a general update, and man was he "busy!" But
he's not venturing a prediction on Jared's decision. Still, this is a full day's
work - calling this much attention to stuff takes time, planning, and proper

So without further ado, here's today's quotes, italics and bolds!  The
blinks are ours, just a way to call attention to Bob's apparent "Halloween

  • sixty-two more days
  • Millennium
  • "The clock is ticking."
  • "Decision Day"
  • "recruitaholics,"
  • only ten more days
  • Fall Signing Period begins on Wednesday, November 10.
  • this eventful countdown to the Signing Period
  • Monday, the 1st of November
  • three
  • future colleges.
  • All Star Sports Publications
  • Top Ten Seniors
  • Jared Jeffries
  • Rolando Howell
  • Top 35 rated
  • Luke Ridnour
  • all have said they will reveal their decisions on November 1.
  • "old crystal ball"
  • Duke, Florida State, Indiana, and Southern California
  • The Blue Devils and The Hoosiers.
  • But, what a choice.
  • And, although most have an opinion, no one seems to know which school
    Jeffries will select.
  • Jared's head on Grant Hill's body." .
  • Jared Jeffries will announce his college choice.
  • I honestly do not know.
  • Coach Eddie Fogler's South Carolina Gamecocks
  • Indiana--PROXIMITY to home.
  • "family ties"
  • " strong family ties,"
  • I think that it is much easier for Mr. and Mrs. Howell to simply attend
    games at Carolina Coliseum, and be "total Gamecocks fans."
  • The Gamecocks
  • "unfounded rumors"
  • go out on a limb" and make my prediction that Ridnour will pick Gonzaga.
  • still unsolved recruiting mysteries," and perhaps others, TOMORROW