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J.J's Decision Looming

a really cool story on Jared Jeffries and his family
and how they've dealt
with recruiting. If you are a signficant talent and heavily recruited, it
couldn't be much fun after a while. If you are Andre Buckner and you are about
to walk on to an SEC team and all of a sudden Duke comes through with an offer,
then recruiting would be incredible. But otherwise, not really.

Anyway, they sound like nice people, and like they've dealt with this as well
as possible. Having a pack of grown men chase your teenage boy day and
night would be stressful to say the least. Jared is set to announce his choice
tomorrow, and no matter what he decides, he comes from a well-grounded family,
and he's a smart and decent kid from all accounts. We're sure whatever he
decides will be the correct decision for him and wish him the best of luck in
reaching it.