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A Bizarre Story

a very strange football story
from one of our least favorite schools in
America, Arizona State (eternally hated for taunting Steve Kerr after his
father's death).  Apparently tailback J.R. Redmond was suspended
for today's game after details of his "marriage" in Vegas came to
light. He married a woman who worked part-time in the athletic department,
and  has been ordered to repay her cell phone bill, a ticket to Vegas, and
- what's this? 20 hours of community service? Come again?

Anyway, he has already filed for divorce. Predictably, after only a month,
the former Mrs. Redmond is asking for a cut of his future earnings.  We are
pretty harsh here on athletes who treat women abysmally, but it's not always a
one way street.  Athletes are also abused by women. We don't know the
details here, of course, but it's ridiculous to ask for "future
earnings" after only four weeks of marriage.