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IU, KU, and Gopher Updates

Bob Knight, whose temperament could easily be compared to a maestro
is going to share the stage with a conductor
, reading Abraham Lincoln's
letters and speeches while the University Orchestra plays Aaron Copland's symphonic poem "Lincoln
Portrait," according to Indiana Hoops.  We'd like to see that. 
Knight is a well-known lover of history, and he'll probably do a nice job.

In another article, he talks about how
Indiana is much like the Yankees,
that not everyone can play there. He also
talked about how Chad Curtis passed up a chance to build his reputation on tv so
that he could make a point to Jim Gray, who had the bizarre interview with Pete
Rose. "Don't ever hesitate to make the choice on what you think is
right," he told the kids in Alumni Hall a few days ago. Sound advice, and
we'd recommend the same advice to Jared Jeffries as well, or any recruit. Make
whatever choice is right for you.  In Jared's case, like Lexington's Vince
Taylor's 20 years ago,  he has to decide what is right for him with a set
of unique pressures from his home state.  Whatever he decides, we'll wish
him well.

In Kansas, the
freshmen are turning heads
. Check out this article from The Kansas City
Star, and look at what Chenowith says about Nick Collison.  Great praise

And in Minnesota, the
fallout from the scandal continues
, with one former academic counselor
promising a great deal more dirt - but he's refusing to talk.