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Clemson Injury, Other ACC News

Edward Scott, freshman point guard,
has broken a bone in his foot.
It's not a terribly
bad break
- he might miss only two games - but he'll be pinned and will keep
the pin the entire season. Larry Shyatt can't be thrilled. It's
tough enough to build momentum
in Clemson without losing a key player.
Jason Capel can tell you all about playing with an injury.
At Wake,
Niki Arinze can tell you too, having missed last season, but injuries aren't a
particular factor for one of the ACC's deepest teams,
though minutes will be.
Tate Decker will have to figure out where he
fits in. If you read between the lines, Dave Odom and Robert O' Kelley are
telling him to quit being a gunner.
And in Chapel Hill, questions
continue to swirl among fans
about taking Boone over Cook.
And closer to the Triangle, the News And
Observer has
an article on the new arena.