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Peegs & Kurt To Chat Tonight

Kurt O' Neill dropped us a line to tell us
he's going to have a chat with Mike Pegram, aka Peegs
, tonight on his
site. If you go in, please be civil. This recruiting battle has gotten
kind of ugly online amongst the fans of the two schools. From all
accounts, Jared is a great kid, from a great family, and he has two great
schools to choose from. We obviously have an interest here, but if he goes
to Indiana, it's not the end of the world, and we'll wish him the very best.

Certainly, if our experience in Indiana, at the Final Four in '91 is
indicative of anything, the people of Indiana are really good folks. The
only person who was less than pleasant was a security guard at the arena, and
they're not always paid to be nice anyway. We'd like to think Duke fans
are just as nice.