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O' Neill's Jared Interview!

Kurt O' Neill has an
interview up on his site with Jared Jeffries
about where he stands in the
recruiting battle between Duke and Indiana, which has turned into a fairly
titanic tug of war. People always ask us what the deal is, like we'd know.
The gurus get it wrong about as often as they get it right. Francis picked
Cook to St. John's, when he was set on UNC, for instance. Kurt O' Neill
picked Boone to Duke. Mumau picked Eddie Griffin to UNC -and the column came out
the day he committed to Seton Hall. We remember Gibbons strongly
suggesting Duhon to Kentucky.

What we do know is that it's cool as hell that a 17 year old big shot jock is
taking his brother trick or treating. Give that kid extra candy for the big kid
he's with!