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Andre Brown To DePaul

Quotin' Bob Gibbons brings us the news that Andre
Brown has gotten in Pat Kennedy's truck.
  T.J. Cummings was/is strongly
considering DePaul, but this might affect his decision (not that we'd know for

Big Bad Bob also tell us that Notre
Dame has bagged a 7'0" Dutchman,
Tom Timmermans.   He joins
Chris Markwood, who Matt Doherty signed earlier.  We fully expect Doherty
to become a great coach and to lead Notre Dame back to glory before too very

Tonight a composite of quotes from the two stories, as Bob continues his
relentless pursuit of emphasis perfection! We notice a slight change in his
pattern though, as he is now using italics more to emphasize things than quotes,
even names like Bulls-eye Basketball Report.  Truly
his "quest" is "a thing to behold."

  • " this giant Dutchman" (note - perhaps our all-time favorite!)
  • second player commitment
  • The No. 1 senior prospect in Chicago, and the Illinois Pre-Season Co-Player of the
  • The Blue Demons' recruiting results have truly been astounding; since most of the best high school players in Chicago have chosen to stay
    in the city, and play at DePaul.
  • other top senior in Chicagoland
  • "prototypical"
  • "Dennis Rodman-type" intensity. 
  • Bulls-eye Basketball Report
  • Illinois Co-Players of the Year.
  • "I felt it was time to end the speculation," Brown said. "As much as I was<
    intrigued by Michigan and Kentucky, my heart was with The Blue Demons," he said. "I am excited about helping to bring a Final Four team back to Chicago." 
  • "The Andre Brown saga"
  • "The Imari Sawyer encore?"