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The Magical, Miraculous "Gibbons Effect"

Adam Boone's reputation has taken a big boost since
deciding on the Heels!

Few things in nature, save perhaps Circadian rhythms and the Capistrano swallows, are more predictable and wondrous than the fabled "Gibbons Effect" (quotes are mandatory when referring to it). For those of you unfamiliar with this phenomenom of nature, let us explain. If you are a prominent high school recruit and you sign with UNC, your rating, height, and points per game instantly soars.

Observe the most recent demonstration of this remarkable occurrence:

Adam Boone, a fine recruit who is committing to the Tar Heels this afternoon was ranked by "Quotin' Bob" as the #44 recruit in the country at 6'2" and 15ppg on "Quotin' Bob's very own Web site. Now, however, with Boone's commitment to UNC imminent, "Quotin' Bob" tells The Charlotte Observer today that Boone "is definitely a top 30 prospect." Indeed, not only has Boone's ranking catapulted at least 14 spots, "Quotin' Bob" now says Boone is 6'3" and averages 17ppg.

Indeed, the "Gibbons Effect" can occur even at the mere mention that a recruit will commit to UNC!

Remarkable! Oops, we mean "Remarkable!"

What's next? "Spinnin' Bob"? :)