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Tons Of Recruiting Stuff

In recruiting, Hulan Pickett has a rundown on
where everyone in the conference is,
and Thad Mumau has
the Boone commitment.
- and here
he is again.

Here's the
N&O's take.
Omar's high school coach says "he never gave them
a commitment."
Here's W-S on Boone
, and here's
the Depot's.
And for those of you who wouldn't mind seeing Oak Hill
play, Reynolds High, in Winston, has scheduled a charity
game with Oak Hill with benefits going to Hurricane relief.

Omar Cook is crushed, Antwan Jones is devastated, as Maryland
has told him they won't be recruiting him any more.
Geez, sorry, guys,
but it's not like you have a guarantee you're going to be playing in the ACC.
And as for Omar, he could have had the spot a long time ago. Too bad.

Incidentally, we said to take Clark Francis' assertion that Omar had committed to St. John's with a grain of salt a couple of days ago. Boy did he get that one wrong. Kurt O' Neill got it wrong, too, but he was basing his on the presumption that UNC would take Omar if he wanted to come, which he did.