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Shamek Cook - "UNC Pulled A Fast One"

Omar Cook's brother,  Shamek , told
Omar was
"shocked," and that UNC "pulled a fast one."

As Ben Sherman says, UNC can't comment on this, and likely wouldn't
anyway.  But it's very interesting.  Kurt O' Neill now has a post up quoting
Zeke Martin
as saying essentially the same thing.

And Quotin' Bob Gibbons "predicts" that
Omar Cook will storm off to St. John's. Get out the Swami hat!  Big East
Briefs, meanwhile, reports
that UNC has removed themselves
from the Cook chase. 

UNC now has a solid
class with Jason Parker, Brian Morrison, and Adam Boone, and still is in it with
Fingleton.  We'll follow Adam's career with great interest, both at UNC and
afterwards.  Best of luck to him; he's a true scholar-athlete.

Ok, now to Bob's relentless pursuit to draw attention to significant
phrases, critical comments,  and cliches!

  • One of the nation's finest high school student/athletes
  • "our sources"
  • Adam Boone's commitment, Cook
  • third commitment for Coach Guthridge's UNC