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UK Gets One In The Truck

Quotin' Bob Gibbons is reporting that UK has "nabbed"
big man Michael Southall.
At 6-10 and 235, he comes in pretty much
grown - and is he the much rumored "secret commitment?" 

 But what's this? Is Bob trying to "curse the Cats" by
comparing him not just to Jamaal Magliore but also to Alvin Jones?
Both guys are solid defensive players but neither one is what you might call a "paragon
of emotional maturity. "

Surprisingly, Bob almost left the quotes alone and came really close
to using them only to indicate remarks by another "human being. 
"  Alas, atavistic tendencies took control, as they are wont to do,
and Bob slipped one in, calling Big Mike "the icebreaker."
It was a "twofer" - italicized and quoted!

Ron Briscoe also reports this story, and identifies one of his
"colleagues" as Darrell "Rock" Briscoe. Is this 
what you might call a bit of Rival net-potism?  The quoting only
happened once, but the bolding has leapt from "The All Star Report"
to "Fast Break Recruiting," as "Ron" and "Rock"
have "taken a shine"  to applying the bold
command to every proper noun. Quotin' Bob, setting style trends across the
net - who woulda thunk it?

We eagerly await the inevitable advent of the "blink" command on "The
All Star Report."