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Gillen Challenges Cameron

Pete Gillen Thinks Reynolds Is Tougher Than Cameron.
What Do You Guys Think? (thanks again to Coach Gillen for being a good sport with the hat!)

Here are several ACC Updates, including
a note on Travis Watson,
the return
of Niki Arinze
at Wake, 
Maryland's Mike Mardesich, 
and Tech's Jason
  And here's an article on how  several ACC schools are
having to learn to cope with rookie points. Well, except for Ed Cota and Justin
Gainey, of course.

In one ACC-related note, former Tiger recruit Ronald Blackshear, whose career to this point has
been nothing if not bizarre, is now
NOT eligible at Temple
We can't keep track of the twists and turns, but it's
been enough to make Richard Petty carsick.

And speaking of bizarre Clemson stories, Cliff Ellis actually has Auburn playing
some serious ball. 
  We'll see what they do from here, but it must
be a thrill for him to be doing so well after the ACC kicked him around.

And here's one final ACC note, from Operation Basketball in Greensboro,
courtesy of Go, where we see Pete Gillen providing two services 1) reminding State
of what they gave up when they abandoned Reynolds, and 2) saying Reynolds 
was tougher than Cameron. Here's the quote:

"I had guys two rows behind me screaming in my face: 'Your wife's ugly. We know where you live. We're going to blow up your car, shoot your cat, kill your gerbil.' I asked my assistant, 'Tommy what are they doing.' Ten guys yell, 'Tommy, what are they doing.' Everybody said Duke is the toughest place. Duke was very tough, but N.C. State is the toughest."

Ok, Crazies, there you have it. Pete Gillen thinks you are second best. Are
you going to stand for that??