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A Luke Recker Update

a Luke Recker update
from the Courier-Journal on how he's doing at Arizona,
how is girlfriend is doing, and so on. But here's the sentence which
jumped out at us:

"Recker said he never heard from anyone on the Indiana coaching staff after the accident, but he talks regularly with several players, including best friend Dane Fife."

That's astonishing. We can understand there was bad blood between Knight and
Recker, and we can understand that Knight wouldn't want to call, but a card? A
call to his parents? A note from one of the assistants? Nothing? Can that

Look, we've had our illusions about the game stripped away long ago, we know
it's a business, but that seems pretty cold even in the business world.
Say what you will about Dean Smith, he would have called. And needless to say,
so would have Coach K.