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Quotin' Bob On Jeffries, Katz & Sullivan Regale

Here's a Katz piece on how
verbal aren't really being honored.

Mike Sullivan has a piece out about what
will Duke do if TJ Cummings commits first?
We don't know, but we assume if
TJ knows all about Jeffries, then Jeffries likely knows the deal too.

Also, Quotin' Bob Gibbons has a new piece out about Jared Jeffries who took
his official
visit to Indiana this weekend
. He takes it as a good sign for Indiana,
but Kurt
O' Neill thinks otherwise.
Bob has his strong points, but O' Neill, as
you have seen, gets the best Duke info.

Now on to the quotes and such!

  • "major surprise"
  • "turn of events"
  • "buzz"

  • "major surprise"
  • very good omen for The Hoosiers, since Jared Jeffries just may be Coach Bob Knight's most significant and necessary recruit in his 34 years at Indiana.
  • Knight doesn't take Jared hunting.
  • The nation's tallest player
  • Halloween.
  • "tricked?"
  • third member of the nation's best still available point guards triumvirate
    "three finalists."
  • make Luke's cut?