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Important - The NCAA, The Net, And Recruiting

There is a post on Peegs' board about the NCAA, apparently from John Morris
of the NCAA,  and their position regarding
bulletin boards, chat sessions, alums/boosters
and the regulations thereof.
Everyone should read this and keep it in mind. When in doubt, bend over
backwards to avoid controversy.  

This poses a particular problem for player forums dedicated to individual
players. We would assume fans in this case almost certainly include grads and boosters
of various schools, likely including Duke, asking players questions and thus
causing possible problems.  It's a dilemma. On the one hand, fans want the
kids to feel attention from their school On the other, posting commits a
possible violation as a booster or alum. Our recommendation to you, if you
posted, no matter what school you pull for, would be to write the forum and ask
them to remove your post as you were not aware of a possible violation.

Here is the text:



According to your message, you operate an internet site devoted to providing
a forum for discussion about the college football program of a particular
NCAA institution. If that is the case, you and your internet site would be
considered boosters of the NCAA institution. Under NCAA rules, a booster is
not permitted to have any type of recruiting contact with a prospective
student-athlete (including a two-year college student). It is permissible
for a booster to speak by telephone with a prospect, but only if the
prospect initiates the call and the telephone conversation is not related to
recruiting. In such cases, all questions about the institution's athletics
program must be referred to the institution.

In your case, it appears that you have identified one of the visitors to
your internet site as a prospective student-athlete who currently attends a
two-year college. Even though you have probably only provided information
regarding the institution's athletics programs that was specifically
requested by the prospect, providing such information to a known prospect
could be considered recruiting for the institution. Therefore, I would
advise you to refrain from further dialogue with the prospect and suggest to
the prospect that he or she direct all further inquiries to the athletics
department staff at the institution.

I hope this information is helpful. Thank you for your e-mail message and
for your concern with preserving the eligibility of prospective

John Morris
NCAA Membership Services Representative