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Omar Storms Off?

Hoops Scoops is reporting that Omar Cook and Darius Miles have both committed
to St. John's but are waiting until the UNC visit to announce.

We would urge you to take this with a major grain of salt. In our experience
Clark Francis is the least likely to get a scoop.  Just for your
edification, here's a quick rundown on some of the recruiting guys.

  • Francis. In our experience he's hit and miss. As an example, he confirms,
    on Friday, that Taliek Brown had committed to UConn. Well, big whoop. He
    announced on Thursday.
  • Gibbons. A reasonably knowledgeable guy, he's still adapting to the
    internet.  In the old world he was the best.
  • Sullivan. Not bad.
  • O' Neill. He has the Duke stuff down, usually is good on the ACC in
  • Hulan Pickett. He covers the state of North Carolina very well and is
    expanding his knowledge.
  • Prep Stars/Dave Tellip/Brick Oettinger.  Cream of the crop.
  • Thad Mumau. He's pretty good, even if he did predict Eddie Griffin to UNC
    the day he signed with Seton Hall.

Speaking of Oettinger, here is an update on some early commitments who
may not stay committed
.  And speaking of Quotin' Bob, Rivalnet took
exception to Ben's comments about Bob Gibbons telling Darius Miles UNC was the
place for him, saying that it was an imposter. 

We're sorry to have to point out the blindingly obvious, but why the hell can
someone log on to a chat session as Bob Gibbons and how much does that trash the
integrity of the whole idea? Rivalnet has become a major player in recruiting
coverage, which is great for those of us who like to follow recruiting. But so
far, they've allowed someone to log on as Omar Cook and claim to have committed
to St. John's (kind of funny in light of today's story from Clark Francis
though), apparently allowed someone to log on to an official chat session as Bob
Gibbons, and are setting up forums for high school players to post on, with the
money going to back to Rivalnet people.

Rivalnet is a well-financed company with a lot of technical savvy. Surely
this isn't the best they can do.