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Herb Ready, Michael's Herbs, Furman Primed

In Raleigh, expectations are rising
around Herb Sendek's program
as the talent level goes up and the new gym is
almost done. With Les Robinson on the committee, though, it's hard to see how
Herb can fail to make the NCAAs this time. Everyone says it doesn't
matter, but human nature being what it is, it's hard to imagine it doesn't.

In Chapel Hill, Michael
Jordan is preparing to open his new restaurant
, and has promised to give 23%
of revenues to Floyd Relief for a set period of time (maybe a week, if we heard
correctly), according to WRAL. That's very decent of Michael to do. The
water is mostly gone, but so are a lot of homes, jobs, and a ton of other
things as well. The restaurant 23 will generate a lot of money, and if you eat
there in the near future, you can support Floyd Relief, so have drinks and
appetizers and bring friends!

Speaking of Chapel Hill, Furman
sees an opportunity to win this weekend
. If they manage to pull it off, the
pressure on Carl Torbush is going to be insane. One of the most
interesting games of next year is Marshall-UNC. Those people are nuts and
will fill as many seats as they can get in Kenan.