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Pickett Predicts, Jeffries Mulls, Brown Picks, Butler Unsure?

Hulan Pickett has
his predictions out for the rest of recruiting season,
but even he says he'd
be shocked if he was 100% correct. He predicts Duke to get Boone and Jeffries,
UNC to get Cook and Miles (if he qualifies), and State to get Chris Wilcox.

Meanwhile, up in Bloomington, Jared Jeffries is taking
a few days away
to clear his head, then he'll take an official visit to
Indiana.  He said he's sick of the whole business, and who can blame him,
particularly with the zillion web sites and analysts calling all the time - ugh.
Though Sullivan says Jared has no favorite, he told the Courier-Journal that he was leaning towards Duke.

In other news, Taliek Brown is about to announce
for UConn,
according to Quotin' Bob Gibbons, while Caron Butler, who
supposedly committed to the Huskies previously,  is
taking an official visit to UNLV
to "kick" with his prep school
coach Max Good.

The Brown commitment is huge for the Huskies.  While we don't think that
El-Amin is necessarily replaceable - he's a highly unusual player with a bit of
Laettner in him, albeit a foot less and rounder, but he still has the instinct and arrogance of an assassin - Brown will provide high level continuity and credibility. However, anyone who doesn't recognize the highly unusual talents and mental abilities of The Lid is not paying attention. This kid is a brilliant ballplayer. Ignore the body and the mouth and look at the heart he has. It's impressive.