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Gibbons' Integrity Questioned

On Ben's UNC page, Ben says Bob Gibbons, during Darius Miles' chat
session,  "told Darius that UNC would be his best option and give him the best opportunities to attain his goal of being in the NBA."

Now, as Ben rightly points out, Bob is a UNC grad, and a guy who talks to
recruits on a constant basis.  If this account is correct, is this
acceptable under NCAA standards? Has Quotin' Bob crossed the line from being an
analyst to being a booster who is actively encouraging players to go to his alma
mater?  This is a tremendous advantage for UNC, of course, if true.

On another note, if true, this is an embarrassment to Rivalnet, which has
aggressively gathered recruiting analysts and is in a position to really be
influential in the development of how recruiting coverage on the net grows
.  It would be nice if the transcript had been posted, which Rivalnet sites
usually do. We would suggest that they issue guidelines to their analysts and
gurus, so that in the future, as their network grows, this kind of thing is at
least officially discouraged.

Did anyone else attend this chat? If so, can you verify these comments?