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Several Recruiting Bits


Dan Wetzel has a nice piece on the quirkiness
of recruiting.
It reminds of one kid who turned down what seemed to be a
perfect school because his favorite uniform number was retired.

In other recruiting news, here's the Sun with an article on Tamir's
commitment to Towson.
Tamir's dad, Karl, has confirmed it. Tamir's coach,
Harold Katz, says that "Tamir feels that this is a place where he'll be able to flourish, because they're trying to build something. He knows he's going to get to play. Tamir got the feeling Towson played the style he's grown up with and that we've played -- a lot of screening and movement, because Tamir's a thinking player.""

And in Raleigh, Chris Wilcox wandered
across town to NCSU
for a visit.  In this article Gibbons also says
Duke's chances diminish each day, which is certainly possible, but Gibbons was
predicting Duhon to Kentucky as well.

Quotin' Bob Gibbons brings us the news that
Quin has landed Wesley Stokes
, the player single most likely to repopularize
the Afro.  This may also put Quin in contention for Travon Bryant, which
will get Kansas folk all P.O.'d.