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Bullwhip Bob Shoots Friend In Back!

Bob Knight has had yet another
brush with the law, this time in a hunting accident, spraying shotgun pellets in
friend Thomas Mikunda's back. Knight has been "cited for failure to report a hunting accident and for hunting without a license,"
according to ESPN.  He claimed he didn't know you had to have a license for
hunting on private property, but even nonhunters and fishers like us know better
than that.

This adds to Bob Knight's  rowdy legend. This past summer,
of course, Knight was involved in an altercation at a Mexican restaurant when a
patron accused him of racist comments (we sided with Knight on that one pretty
much).  He caused a furor by holding a bullwhip to an African-American
player's butt. On rape, he said if it's inevitable, a woman should "lie
back and enjoy it."  In Puerto Rico he stuffed someone in a garbage
can.  Then there was the legendary chair toss, and pulling his team off the
court in an exhibition game, and Neil Reed left IU amid allegations of abusive
behavior.  Then there
is the locker room tape
(standard caveat: not suited for work environs or
small children) which has circulated for years and which recently popped up, in
a G-rated version, on an Amstel Light commercial.