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Jared's Dinner Plans

Mike Sullivan is reporting that Jared Jeffries and family will be having
dinner with Bob Knight and assistant Mike Davis
, of whom he thinks
highly.  Let's hope it's not Mexican!

Our buddy Peegs posted a humorous little number about a guy who supposedly
sent his daughter to Duke for a seven year endurance program and saw her turn
into a leftist vegetarian. While there's scant chance that'll happen with Coach
K around, should Jared go to IU, he'll likely hear speeches similar to
what other guys have heard.  So in the name of fairness, to balance out the
threat of leftist leaf crunchers running amok at Duke we present to you Bob
Knight running amok in the locker room
(if you're lucky you've heard an Amstel Light Commercial which uses the edited version of this file, and then it will be hilarious). We have posted
this file before, and we will warn all of you again, if you are at work, use
earphones, and if you have small children, make them leave the room. 
Knight has one of the most sophisticated minds of basketball, but his
temperament is somewhat less refined.  It'll take a while to load, so be

In other news, Darius Miles, who at various times has been reported to not be
up to UNC's standards,
has scheduled a visit.