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Duhon & Howell Updates

Our pal Kurt O' Neill has an update on
Rolando Howell and Chris Duhon
. In Howell's case, he says Duke is still
interested if Howell's SAT's come out ok, but that's a key point.

In Duhon's case, he spoke to Chris's mom, Vivian Harper, and she told him
everyone is on cloud 9, and that Duke is the clear leader for Chris's eight year
old brother.  She also said that Tubby wrote a very gracious handwritten
letter to Chris congratulating him, confirming the universal belief that Tubby
is a good guy and a very decent man.

On a less flattering note,  one school, not even a finalist, returned
all of the thank you notes that Mrs. Harper sent to them.  Wow. Who are the

  • Kentucky. Ruled out in article.
  • Notre Dame. Ruled out in article
  • UCLA.  Ruled out in article.
  • UNC.    We know they don't operate that way.
  • LSU.     Not mentioned in article.
  • Georgia Not mentioned in article.
  • Texas.   Not mentioned in article.

We have our suspect. Who do you think the loser is?