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State Offers A Sophomore!

Here's an odd one - State
has offered a scholarship to Ronnie Shavlik's grandson Shavlik Randolph - who is
just a sophomore.

Young Randolph, who is 6-9 and has a size 18 shoe size, hasn't played a lot yet but
is well regarded. He hasn't accepted the offer.

Speaking of State, two quick arena updates: 

1) the naming rights, which were
apparently snapped up by Pork King Wendell Murphy, have been reappraised and are
now thought to be worth upwards of 60 million. Murphy is believed to have paid 10
or so.  

2)  And in terms of how
you can plug your arteries,
the delectable Renee DeGross tells us that Goodberry's got a contract, and there'll be
plenty of other fatty foods available, including, of course, pork.