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DeShawn Commits, UNC Crunch Time, Clark's Dumb Move

Kansas picked up one of the major recruits of this year, as DeShawn Stevenson
decided to become a Jayhawk.
Stevenson, one of the elite players
athletically to come along in awhile, may not stay long, but has
the ability to really get it done
. The fans in Lawrence will be thrilled, no
doubt. Congrats to the Jayhawks. In an interesting development, Stevenson's mom
was annoyed by the internet reports and their lack of accuracy, but she says the
only accurate thing is that he'd sign late - and of course he won't be doing
that now.

In a humorous dig, Clark Francis says this about Quotin' Bob Gibbons and
Andre Brown: "...Bob Gibbons of All-Star Sports is reporting that the Cardinals aren't out with 6'8 Andre Brown from Chicago (Leo) IL, who ranks #18 nationally by the HOOP SCOOP. But two days ago Patrick Jira of The Recruiting
Beat told us exactly the opposite. We're not sure who Gibbons' source is, but Jira's source is pretty good (Brown himself)."

On the other hand, Clark said this just yesterday about DeShawn
Stevenson:  "However, we do have a list of schools on 6'5 Deshawn Stevenson from Fresno (Washington Union)
CA, who just got back from his visit to Lawrence, KS over the weekend. Right now it appears to be too close to call among Kansas UCLA, Fresno State, Kentucky, Connecticut, and Georgia, but we'd be very surprised if anything
happens before the spring. "

Oooops!  Mr. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle! If you are going to insult someone,
it's generally better to not make the same mistake you're ridiculing them for
(we have learned this the hard way on numerous occasions). Maybe Clark's source
was DeShawn's mom, who agreed with him as mentioned above.  Significantly
dissed by this development was Fresno State, as Tark had reportedly made a big
push for Stevenson.

In more news out on the West Coast, Frank Burlison, who is one of the better
recruiting writers around, has a
general Western update,
including a potentially huge UCLA class coming down
the line.  He also says Bob Knight can't afford to lose Jeffries and that
USC is and has been a longshot.

In news closer to home Thad "The Mummy" Mumau has
an article up about various prospects,
including the UNC dilemma of what
happens if Omar has decided on UNC but Adam Boone decides to  commit first?
It's a bit of a sticky wicket.  He also says that Darius Miles is about to
commit to St. John's, and that Abdou Diame likes Maryland.   

In one other talent note, Georgetown's best recruit didn't
make it through the clearing house.