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The FITSter Strikes!

continues to get a chuckle out of his dyspeptic cousin over in
Parakeet Blue Land! According to that particular booster bug, the team
that spent zillions on stadium upgrades and a monster football building
has an offense that stinks, a truly offensive coordinator who stinks, a
head coach who stinks, a QB who stinks, a crappy band and a ludicrous
team entrance routine! All that plus lowered academic standards!

Your airborn envoy also got a kick out of the digs at Jason Williams,
comparing his comments to those of Ed "I'm old enough to be your dad"
Cota last year. Regrettably, FITS recalls most vividly that AARP Ed
shot off his mouth after losing three games by an average of 18 points.
Extra credit, Eddy: how many flat-footed three pointers is that?

The FITSter concedes that Corey Maggette may well become the NBA Rookie
of the Year as his pastel cousin opines, but at Corey's present course
and speed, he'll be the only non-starter who has more turnovers than
field goals to ever pull off the feat.

But they do know their talent over in Chappaheeya, as the fearsome
foursome of Newby, Brooker, Melendez and Holmes (a law firm?) clearly
would indicate.

heard someone over yonder claim that this could be Melendez's
"breakout year," and FITS erroneously assumed the kid had been arrested!
Hard to keep track!