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We read through Bob Gibbon's latest column,
on Andre Brown, 
and it occured to us that if you approached it the
right way, you could make an abstract poem from these lines, or perhaps a haiku.
Anyone care to give it a try? There is meaning in there! Send us your ideas!




  • "unofficially" 
  • "Midnight Madness" 
  •  "loaded" 

  • "big advantage"



  •   Top Ten 
  •  Andre Brown 
  • DePaul
  • Quentin Richardson 
  • Lance Williams
  •   Bobby Simmons
  •   Steven Hunter 
  • DePaul
  •   Louisville 
  • Coach Denny Crum's Cardinals.
  • DePaul 
  • Coach Pat Kennedy's 
  •   Michigan, Kentucky, and Louisville
  • Coach Brian Ellerbe's Wolverines  
  •   La Vell Blanchard  
  • Michigan's elite Sports Management and Sports Medicine programs.



  • Brown has not eliminated any schools, 
  •  is not yet ready to make a commitment
  • And, he can now set up his schedule of official visits to universities outside Chicago.
  • "big advantage"
  • What will Andre do?
  • November 10th.


  • NOT